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A true story, from a MESS to a MESSAGE!

Denise has been sharing her personal testimony on the shame of rape, teen pregnancy, abortion and addictions for over 25 years now.  At the age of 30, she asked God to forgive her, and to help her be a voice for the voiceless.  She became a Christian, and with God's help she overcame her addictions and felt compelled to speak out on the pain of legal abortion and how it is damaging women's mental and reproductive health.

Denise also teaches on the science of Fetal Development and Humanity of the child in utero.

Depending on the audience, Denise brings some humour in her spiritual journey; along with the latest education and awareness exposing the lies and deception of the abortion advocates.  As well she brings the latest science and research linking Breast Cancer, Cervical Damage and Mental Health issues in the aftermath of abortion to women. 

International Speaker

Praise Report for 2016- My new book got PUBLISHED!  Yahoo!

Wow, what an incredible year this has been!  Thank you for praying and investing in me so I could accomplish so much for God, for His Kingdom and for His people.

Speaking Engagements/Ministry:

To Reach, Teach & Engage Others in the Truth

January-Living Waters High School, Alberta, Women’s Conference & Church in Puerto Vallarta, Living Stones Church-Red Water, AB.-(all 3 services)

February-Native Women’s Conference-Edmonton, AB.

March- Vanguard Christian College-Edmonton, AB., United Nations-Commission on the Status of Women-New York, USA

April-Completed and Published my new book, “The Bride, The Serpent & The Seed” Yahoo! Interviewed on Insight TV and spoke at the Alberta March for Life Dinner

May-Met with UN Ambassadors and Delegates at the World Health Organization Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland.  Hush DVD released and getting out into the marketplace.

June-Spoke in Budapest, Hungary at an International Pro-Life Conference and marched for Life

July-Sold some of my new books at Farmers Markets in Alberta, had two good Book Reviews in St. Albert Gazette and Free Press-yahoo!

August-More Farmers Markets, into second printing now.  Talks in Cranbrook, Creston churches … book signings…

September-Christian Radio interview & Reformed Church Talk- -Medicine Hat, AB., Chapters Book Signing-St. Albert, AB., participated in the Banff Unite Life conference

October-New Life Church-Tumbler Ridge, BC., Gianna House Talk, Talks in Churches, Full Gospel Business Men Meeting and Trinity Western University

November-MC at Life’s Vision, Winnipeg, MB., Saddle Lake, AB. Reserve, Women’s Meeting, Westlock, AB.

December-Saddle Lake Reserve, AB.-High School Assembly, Grades 7 to 12

Please PRAY funds come in to support my work to REVEAL TRUTHS, ENGAGE leaders, ACTIVATE people and MINISTER God’s word…  To be a voice for the voiceless, teach and train others as well as bring education and awareness to the forefront on the truth, in love.

Thank you!  In His Love, Denise

Together for Life Ministries-107 Discovery Ave. Sturgeon County, Alberta, T8R 1N1

Email:  dmountenay@telus.net for online e-transfers or email for Book $20.00 each or two for $35.00

Many people have changed their minds from Pro-"Choice" to "Pro-Life" after hearing her  eye-opening message!


Denise Mountenay is a captivating International Speaker with an urgent, timely message.  She is reaching out to people across Canada and around the world regarding the horrific impact of legal abortion; and how it is hurting women, men, families and nations. 

 MILLIONs of women have had an abortion over the last 40 years.  Over 300 abortions daily, across our nation.  Now Canada along with many other developed nations have below replacement birthrate levels.  

 For over 25 years Denise has been candidly sharing her Mess to a MESSAGE experience of rape, teen pregnancy and abortion; in Schools, Churches, Conferences, Prisons, Radio and Television. She has been a regular guest on ‘Nite Lite’, ‘Crossroads’, ‘It’s a New Day’, ‘Insight’, as well as on-The Miracle channel. The CBC-The National aired a documentary on her work and ministry.  In 2012 she received The Queen's- ‘Diamond Jubilee Medal’ for her work. 

 She is the Founder/President of ‘Canada Silent No More’ (CSNM) a registered non-profit society offering hope and healing to people affected by abortion and pregnancy loss.  Denise brings education as well as awareness to the forefront on this vital issue so prevalent in our generation. She also encourages youth and young adults to hang on to their hormones.

 She teaches on fetal development, and uses the latest research on the damage of abortion to women including Breast Cancer, cervical damage resulting in subsequent pre-term births, infertility, depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, and suicides etc. 

Denise has given inspirational talks in Israel, Mexico, Philippines, Jamaica, Moscow/Siberia-Russia, Ghana-Africa, Holland, Belgium-European Union, Northern Ireland, Berlin-Germany, Spain, USA, China, India, Budapest-Hungary and Australia.  She is the Canadian Director for a NGO-Endeavour Forum Inc.

 She has led many teams to the United Nations, hosting workshops and speaking to UN Ambassadors at the Commission on the Status of Women and CPD in New York and Geneva.  Denise has given several Oral Statements to the UN Assembly, sharing her testimony on the pain of legal abortion, and informing UN delegates on the evidence of scientific studies proving it is not a “safe” surgical procedure.  Women in developing countries need access to safe, genuine Maternal Health Care, not abortion. 

 Denise is author of FORGIVEN...a true story, a National Best Seller.  Her new book, The Bride, The Serpent & The Seed is just released.  It is a must have for libraries, youth and young adults on the sad reality of abortion. She is in a new documentary called, HUSH, exposing the damage of abortion and which has won several awards! Her passionate message encourages people to ultimately bring value and honour to motherhood/fatherhood and all of humanity; giving God the Glory. 

Speaker/Author/Human Life Advocate



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