For Speaking Engagements or Help Please call or email

If you or someone you know is hurting after an abortion please contact us at 780-939-5774 

for peer-counseling. 

We've been there and can totally relate to the pain and grief you may be feeling.  If you have suffered any physical complications like infection, hysterectomy, hemmoraging, infertility, pre-term birth in subsequent pregnancies, any lumps in your breast or been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, cervical cancer or any other reproductive health issues, please contact us immediately.  If you are fighting depression or any other mental health issues like suicidal ideation, substance abuse etc. please call us, as we have been there too.

You are NOT alone, there is help! 

Also, we are collecting testimony affidavits as EVIDENCE that induced abortion hurt us, and took the lives of our children.  If you have been damaged by abortion, we want to hear your story.

Books & HUSH DVD's are $20.00 each or two for $35.00 plus 5.00 postage. Make cheques out to:

"Together For Life Ministries"

107 Discovery Ave. Sturgeon County Alberta, Canada T8R 1N1


Or in CANADA send an E-TRANSFER to Email:

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