Is abortion "safe"?

Absolutely NOT.

Physical complications

The word “safe” means “free from danger or injury,” or without harm.  Therefore, induced abortions are not “safe” as there are many physical complications.  Whether legal or illegal, injuries include infections, hemorrhaging, septic shock, perforations, fetal remains inside, cervical damage, infertility/sterility, death and Pre-Term births in subsequent pregnancies...

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Breast cancer risks & prevention

Between 1957 and 2014, over 57 credible worldwide studies link abortion to breast cancer. 34 are statistically significant. It has to do with the hormones.

“Women have the right to know about all of the risks, including abortion...”

–Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, Breast Surgeon, New Jersey, NY.

The hormonal/estrogen factor

Women have immature breast lobules (a lobule is a unit of breast tissue consisting of a milk duct and glands) until their first full term pregnancy. The first types 1 and 2 lobules are immature and cancer susceptible. This is why delaying pregnancy and never having children increases the risk of breast cancer. During the first trimester of pregnancy, 2,000 times the estrogens are naturally pumped into the breasts to become milk for the growing baby. If a pregnancy is artificially terminated (through induced abortion), the cells never get to differentiate into type 3 and 4 lobules later in pregnancy. During the second and third trimesters the lobules mature into type 3 and type 4, which are cancer resistant. It has to do with the hormones, and the majority of breast cancers are “estrogen positive”. China reported in a study that one abortion increases the risk by 44%.2

Natural ways of reducing the breast cancer risk are having your first baby under the age of 24, breast feeding and having more children.

Why aren’t women being told?

Today 70+ credible worldwide studies link breast cancer to abortion, yet there is a cover-up of the information that may help prevent breast cancer in some women. A study from India found women who have had abortions have 3.5 times the risk of breast cancer as women who have never had an abortion.  China did a huge meta-analysis in 2014 by Huang et al, revealing that one abortion increases the RISK of Breast Cancer by 44%!!  Why has this not hit the MEDIA?  Sadly, prochoice biases and fear of lawsuits against cancer societies and abortion providers keep women in the dark. 

Mental health in the aftermath

In September of 2011 a huge study by Dr. Priscilla Coleman et al. was published in the British Journal of Psychiatry and found that women who have abortions are 81 percent more likely to experience subsequent mental health problems, compared to women who gave birth to their unplanned children. The greatest increases were seen in relation to suicidal behaviors and substance abuse.  Many women fight depression, anxiety and sleeping disorders along with deep sorrow, remorse and regret.  You are not alone, we are here for you.  We are also collecting testimony/declarations as evidence on how abortion has hurt us, and took the lives of our children.

​​Why are 15 million  children born

too soon  every year?

140 published studies from 34 countries reveal that CERVICAL DAMAGE from abortions result in subsequent

PRE-TERM BIRTHS in wanted children.

There is a significant higher risk of premature births for women with a history of induced abortion.

Tragically, one million of them will die, and many will suffer a lifetime of disabilities such as blindness, deafness, Epilepsy, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, respiratory distress etc. costing billions in healthcare.

In 2007 the [U.S.] Institute of Medicine stated “Prior first trimester induced abortion” is an “Immutable Medical Risk Factor Associated with Preterm Birth.” [2, Behrman] Today, four Meta- Analysis and Systematic Reviews confirm a significant risk. One prior induced abortion can increase the risk of having a preterm birth by 36%, multiple abortions increase the risk to 93%.

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at McGill University in Montreal reviewed the records of 17,916 women who delivered between April 2001 and March 2006 using data from the McGill Obstetric and Neonatal Database. The researchers found that, on average, women who had one prior induced abortion were 45% more likely to have pre-mature births by 32 weeks and 71% were more likely to have pre-mature births by 28 weeks. Yet sadly, no one is hearing about all these relevant studies because it has to do with abortion.

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TRUTH is...From the moment of CONCEPTION, when that one sperm and that one egg UNITE, ALL the DNA is there, ALL the knowledge and inherent know-how miraculously to form beautiful EYES to see, EARS to HEAR, a Nose to SMELL, Mouth, Hair in all the right places...Do you realize you had a beating heart only 3 weeks after conception? 

Do you know that by 8 weeks, all the organs are formed, and by 9 weeks you can see arms, legs, fingers and toes!  It is so amazing! This is a person with POTENTIAL, not a potential person.  This is a human being, with more inherent value and worth than an eagle egg, or fish egg...  Yet they are sadly not protected in Canada and most developed countries because they are systematically exterminated by doctors.  As most pregnant women are deceived and believe the lies told by abortion providers and advocates that it is just a "clump of tissue" and that abortion is a "safe" surgical operation...which are both lies! 

There is much harm done to women and their children during an abortion procedure and in the aftermath often irreparable damage to your mental and reproductive health.

It is TIME to JOIN us in the fight to be silent NO more, and share our pain of legal abortion so others will be warned, and children saved from being brutally dismembered, decapitated and or poisoned before birth.

If it is not a baby, then you're not pregnant.  But if you are pregnant, it is a baby!!  Please CHOOSE LOVE, not death for your child.  Please call me or email if you are pregnant and thinking of having an abortion, and need help, k.  You need to know there is help available for you and your child.  Email: