Please pray as we prepare to bring a team into the UN to participate at the Commission on the Status of Women in New York City March 2019


A person, is a person, no matter how small.  Why should a baby not be protected because of where he or she temporarly resides?


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Denise Mountenay has been a guest on many Television programs and Radio.  She is in the new award winning documentary called, "HUSH" exposing the damage of abortion to women's mental and reproductive health.  She has spoken in Conferences, Marches, Universities, High Schools, Prisons and Churches etc.  She is a Pro-Life Lobbyist at the United Nations in New York and Geneva.  She is also the Founder/President of Canada Silent No More for more than 12 years now. Denise was awarded the Diamond Jubilee Medal by the Queen, and is an Ordained Minister.

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Her first book, "Forgiven" was a National Best Seller.  Her new book, "The Bride, The Serpent & The Seed" is already into its third printing with great book reviews!


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Praise Report for 2018-To GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!

Wow, this has been an incredible faith filled year of God opening more doors for us to share our testimonies and bring the message of TRUTH and LIFE into a dark and deceived world.

This was a year of nasty attacks, and also a year of great achievements.  January began with preparations for the United Nations (UN) Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) where I organized my first Side Event.  Dr. Ingrid Skop an OB/GYN was our main presenter, teaching on the many complications of legal abortion, with 5 post abortive women giving impact statements to a packed room!  We even had the Ambassador to Nigeria attend our Event!

In February I attended the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville, TN. where I gave away copies of the HUSH documentary and met some VIP’s in the film industry.

March 19th to 23rd was the CSW where we hosted a Side Event including meetings with UN Ambassadors to Swaziland, Mozambique and Nigeria, along with meeting Delegates from Hungary, Uruguay, Nauru, Comoros and Botswana.  Another victory of great importance was the elimination of anti-life and anti-family references from the final document of the CSW62nd meeting.  Although we were outnumbered by the opposition, we were able to reach out to scores of delegates with the truth and help get the "right" to abortion removed from the final document. As well, direct references to "new models" of the family were taken out.  Praise GOD!  

Then I was invited to speak at the March for Personhood in New York, a great event. 

In April, I was so blessed an honoured to speak at the Catholic Women’s League Convention in BC.  They gave me a standing ovation, and asked me to attend the National Convention.  In May, the Lord sent me to London, England to speak at a Pro Life Conference there then spoke at two events in Belfast, Ireland, before flying to Geneva to attend the World Health Organization (WHO) Assembly. Where I was thrilled to organize our first Parallel Event with Dr. Michael Kiworr a German OB/GYN who was a former abortion doctor, who became a Christian and is now speaking out about the harm done to women and children.

In August I flew to Winnipeg, MB to attend the CWL National Convention and had a book table there.  As well I worked on the script for the movie I am making about my story. So please PRAY for me.  And the best report is that another single Mom, a friend on my Facebook, who had an appointment to abort her child, contacted me and after meeting with her, and praying, she decided to let her daughter LIVE!  Halleluiah! 

In September, I spoke in Moldova at the World Congress of Families and met the President.  Then I flew to Israel to repent for the sin of abortion on Yom Kippur.  In October, I spoke at the Women Arise Conference in beautiful Banff, Alberta. As well, I spoke to an audience at St. Mary’s Parish in Red Deer, Alberta. 

In November, the Lord sent me back to Israel to speak at the International Pro-Life Conference where I met with some old friends and new Pro-Life workers.  Please pray as I have been invited to speak in India in April of 2019, however, it is a young movement there and I have to raise funds for my travel to India. So, if it is HIS will for me to go, God will touch your heart to sow into this ministry to send me back into the United Nations, and to the ends of the world as an Ambassador for our King.  Reaching, Teaching and mobilizing the Body of Christ on the damage of legal abortion to women and bringing humanity to children in the womb. Prov. 31:8, Eph. 5:11  “We defeat Satan by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony…” Rev. 12:11

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 PS>   Please pray my husband gets back to work, and for our son working in Germany.  GOD BLESS You and your family more and more!

Thank you for your PRAYERS and SUPPORT!



Denise Mountenay
Speaker/Author/Human Rights Advocate
Together For Life Ministries
107 Discovery Ave.
Sturgeon County, Alberta, Canada, T8R 1N1

Together for Life Ministries



Critical data to Prevent Breast Cancer

By Denise Mountenay

Canada Silent No More & Together for Life Ministries

To date, there are 60 (sixty) published studies worldwide with 36 of them being statistically significant, all reporting an increased risk of Breast Cancer for women with an abortion past.  In 2013, the prestigious Medical Journal Cancer, Causes, Control published a huge systematic review, meta-analysis of 36 studies across China.  These studies found that women who have at least one abortion, increase their risk of getting Breast Cancer, by a whopping 44%; compared to women who did not have an abortion. [1, 2]

Nineteen of these Chinese studies reported a statistically significant result. The risk also increased with number of Induced Abortions (IA’s) (a dose effect), the women had, an important measure of a cause-effect relationship, with two and three IA's raising the risk by a statistically significant 76% and 89%, respectively. [1]  

Huang’s team also cited and supports a 1996 systematic review and meta-analysis, led by Joel Brind, Ph.D. (Baruch College, City University of New York) and colleagues at Penn State, who found a 30% risk elevation for women with any history of induced abortions. [1,2]

In his analysis of the Chinese study, Brind called it a “game changer.” He exclaimed, “Not only does it validate our earlier findings from 1996, but its findings are even stronger, for several reasons.

In the last eleven years alone, 50 statistically significant studies were published in Medical Journals reporting that abortion INCREASES the breast cancer risk. [3]

Every cancer society agrees that having your first full term baby under the age of 24, reduces breast cancer; along with breastfeeding and giving birth to more children.  However, abortion consent forms do not tell women that, "If this is your first pregnancy, an abortion now, could increase your breast cancer risk."   

The first published study showing an abortion breast cancer link was out of Japan in 1957.  Yet, despite scores of the scientific evidence published in Medical Journals; there remains complete silence and denial from Breast Cancer Foundations and Societies, raking in billions of dollars, to find a cure.  It is unbelievable they continue to ignore the extensive data, and keep women in the dark, regardless of how many studies reveal a substantial risk between abortion and breast cancer, even in the face of escalating breast cancer rates and thousands of women being diagnosed, and dying every year.

Furthermore, there have been 17 published studies in the Indian subcontinent (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan & Nepal) finding that women who have had abortions increase their breast cancer risk.  Fourteen (14) of the 17 achieved the gold standard of significance (being at least 95% confident of boosted risk). These studies also reveal in the odds ratio, that women with a prior abortion increases the risk of breast cancer risk 2.5 times, than if they never had an abortion. [4]

The associations revealed in the Indian and Chinese studies were not weak, but statistically very robust. 100% of 19 significant studies in China, plus the Indian subcontinent (14) report raised Breast Cancer risk for women with 'abortion' history.

Women have a right to know about these critical statistics regardless of media and cancer society cover-ups and pro-abortion ideologies. [5]

Women have a right to know that they are at a greater risk of developing breast cancer, if they undergo an induced abortion especially with the first pregnancy; compared to letting their child come to full term and deliver their baby. Yet, the abortion proponents and cancer societies continue to deny scientific evidence and mislead women.

When faced with this massive math 'iceberg', what do 'pro-choice' people do?  Answer: Turn a Blind Eye, and stick their fingers in their ears. 

Tragically, young pregnant women are not informed about these risks and consequences due to conflict of interests with abortion providers, and pro-abortion ideologies.  This is resulting in escalating Breast Cancer rates, and children being born prematurely as a result of a previous abortion.  Preterm births can result in children having Cerebral palsy (CP), Autism, blindness, deafness, respiratory problems and mental disabilities. [6]

As well, another Systematic Review Meta-analysis published in the British Journal of Psychiatry in 2011, revealed that there is a whopping 81% increased risk of mental health issues in the aftermath of abortion, compared to pregnant women who let their unplanned babies live. Thus, costing taxpayers millions in mental and physical healthcare for women and children. [7]

Furthermore, I am part of an award-winning documentary called, HUSH, which examines the studies and hears testimonies from the experts on the Breast Cancer Link.  As well researchers examine and report on the huge amount of published data showing cervical/uterine damage causing Premature births in subsequent “wanted” children, along with mental health issues in the aftermath of legal abortions.  As a former abortion patient who has suffered physical harm and emotional distress, including having had two lumps removed from my left breast, and as President of Canada Silent No More, a non-profit society of abortion patients; we urge Cancer foundations/societies and our government to launch an immediate investigation and education awareness campaign to warn pregnant women of the ABC risk and encourage post abortive women to go for early examinations as they could be at a higher risk. 

Women have a right to know about all of these risks and complications, despite personal ideologies and agendas.  For more information watch the award- winning HUSH documentary exposing these risks and complications in the aftermath of legal abortion.


Denise Mountenay-780-267-5714     Email:

107 Discovery Ave. Sturgeon County, Alberta, Canada, T8R 1N1

Brent Rooney (MSc)

Medical Research Director, Reduce Preterm Risk Coalition-3456 Dunbar St. (Suite 146),

Vancouver, Canada V6S2C2  <>      web:


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Less Abortions = Less Premature Births & Less Crippled Kids

The World Health Organization published an Executive Summary, called, “Born Too Soon” whereas they point out the breaking news that 15 million children globally are born pre-maturely every year.  One million of them will die, and multitudes will suffer lifelong infirmities. 

Yet there is a black out on the mountain of published studies linking Abortion to Preterm births in subsequent “wanted” pregnancies.  Legally, Induced Abortions (IA’s) often cause cervical and uterine damage which can raise the risk of children being born pre-term in subsequent “wanted” pregnancies.  Children born too soon can end up with many disabilities including blindness, deafness, respiratory distress, Autism and Cerebral Palsy.  This crisis is costing billions of dollars in healthcare!

In 1967 prominent abortion advocate Dr. Malcolm Potts admitted that induced abortions endanger women under the age of 17: “There is little doubt that there is a true relationship between the high incidence of therapeutic abortion and prematurity.  The interruption of pregnancy in the young (under seventeen) is more dangerous than in other cases.”  [1, Potts] The journal with Potts' concession was in the Eugenics Review, a publication that favoured eugenics, abortion and birth control.

In 2007 the [U.S.] Institute of Medicine also identified “Prior first trimester induced abortion” as an “Immutable Medical Risk Factor Associated with Pre-term Birth”. [2, Behrman]

It is now “settled science” that abortion may cause Pre-Mature Births in subsequent pregnancies:   Four (4) SYSTEMATIC REVIEWS with META-ANALYSIS (SRMAs-two in 2009, one in 2015, one 2016). [3-6] The most recently published statistically significant study found that one induced abortion increases the risk of a subsequent pre-mature birth by 52%.[3,7] 

The 'abortion-preemie' risk is an established medical fact. Yet, it is disturbing that pregnant women are not being informed about this mountain of evidence and huge risk factor linking abortion to preterm births in the aftermath.  Women have a right to know about all of the risks of abortion.

The Saccone study found that one prior Abortion multiplies the risk of having a future Pre-term Birth by up to 52%, Shah found that two or more abortions multiply the Preterm Birth Risk by 93%! [6,7]

In 2001, researcher Brent Rooney was the first to demonstrate in the European Medical Journal that premature newborn babies have a raised risk of Cerebral Palsy (CP) due to their mothers' prior IAs (Induced Abortions). It has been known for over 50 years that the more pre-mature a baby is born, the higher his/her CP risk is.  Those born under 32 weeks' gestation have 55 times the Cerebral Palsy risk as do full-term newborns. [8]

One year after the 2001 Rooney revelation, Swedish researchers, led by Dr. Bo Jacobsson, reported that if a mother of a 'preemie' had any prior Induced Abortions, her pre-mature baby has a 60% higher Cerebral Palsy risk than a 'preemie' of a Swedish mother with no prior IA’s. [9, Jacobsson] In 2014 Egyptian researchers reported that Egyptian women with any prior abortions have 2.45 times the risk of delivering newborn babies with CP as Egyptian women with zero prior abortions. [10, El-Talawy]

Induced abortions do cause cervical and uterine damage, initiating premature births in subsequent pregnancies, resulting in a substantial increase in children born with blindness, deafness, respiratory problems, death and Cerebral Palsy…

 Why aren’t all pregnant women informed of this great risk factor when considering an abortion?


Contact: Denise Mountenay Email: or

Brent Rooney (MSc)
Research Director, Reduce Preterm Risk Coalition
3456 Dunbar St. (Suite 146)
Vancouver, Canada V6S 2C2


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Denise has been encouraging women to join her in sharing their personal experiences and message on the pain of legal abortion, and how it took the lives of their children for years...